Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brianne is home!

I suppose someone should update this blog huh?  I think Ted is a little busy taking such good care of his family, and Brooke is busy trying to not get murdered at her job and getting ready to move.  Myself, I am resting up and recharging for the second phase of Bri's treatment.

Getting the news that Brianne had gone into remission was such a tremendous relief.  The bone marrow biopsy was done last Monday and it usually comes back in a couple of days, we thought for sure on Thursday we'd get the news but finally on Friday the Dr. said she was in remission.  I took the call at work while I was walking down a hall.  I nearly collapsed from relief.  It was like being on high alert for days and then finally getting the amazing news we'd hoped for.  I pretty much cried the rest of the day.

Bri was discharged from the hospital on Monday, March 18th.  Mom went home with them so she could help Brianne and take care of Anzley Pumpkin.  I guess the girls were so excited and hyper the evening she got home, it was hard to get them settled down for bed.

The plan is while Bri is home enjoying her family and getting stronger every day, the transplant team is fine tuning the donor possibilities.  They can either give her the 4 units of cord blood they have reserved for her or use a donor that matches 9 of 10 markers, which is really good.  So we're not sure when she'll be summoned back to the hospital.  Until then she's getting her blood drawn every other day and her counts are climbing.  She should also be walking and eating more to gain strength.  I know that at the end of the day she is wiped out because she's been used to being in bed most of the day at the hospital and now let's just say there's a lot more activity at her house.

Once she goes back into the hospital for the transplant they will give her high doses of chemo again.  They need to completely wipe out her own bone marrow before they give her the donor marrow.  Then she'll be in the hospital anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.  After that she'll have to stay at my house.  Her Dr's. don't want her any further than 30 minutes away from the hospital.  If all is well by day 80 she is good to go home.

This whole cancer thing is not for cowards or wimps.  It takes a lot of strength, courage and most of all faith.  We have faith that Brianne will be completely healed and she will have an amazing testimony to share.

Words cannot express our gratitude to each and every one of you for your prayers, love and unending support for Bri and our family.  Thank you so much.  I'd like to ask you to please keep it up!  She's not finished yet and will still need your comforting words, prayers and love.