Monday, May 27, 2013

Now it's mom's turn...

Oh where to begin.  This has been a difficult weekend for us.  I'm so grateful that we all have one another though.  We've all come together as a team and we're working together for the good of Bri and the little girlies.

I can't imagine what Ted goes through when he goes to bed at night after the girls are asleep and he finally has time to take a breath.  My heart breaks for him.  I worry about him but he's been such a rock.  I  know he's had his moments, just like I have, where we give in to the fear and despair, but he pulls himself up and gets on with it.  I'm so proud of him and so grateful that my daughter and granddaughters have him as their rock.  I love you Ted.

When I think about Brooke and her amazing love for her sister, well I just can't because I'd be a blubbering mess.  :-)  She has been completely and totally selfless in giving herself, her time and everything to her sister.  I'm so proud of you Brooke for the love and strength you show not that the family sees but that all the hospital staff witnesses as well.  You are a good sister, you are a wonderful Auntie and you are an amazing daughter.  I love you Brooke.

And last but not least is Brianne.  You've always placed your little family first in your life.  You've been patient, loving, selfless and fun!  I know every event that passes by on the calendar is difficult for you to miss.  You had never even spent one night away from your daughters much less all these weeks.  You've been brave with every scary new test, drug, set-back - you've been an inspiration.  There is a reason why you are all the nurses favorite at University Hospital - you are a wonderful spirit.  You shine, you are beautiful, you're funny, you've gone through so much and you're ready to keep going and so are we.  We will never give up on you Bri, we'll fight for you when you aren't strong enough to fight for yourself.  We will be there for your husband and daughters while you can't.  I love you Brianne.

Bri will most likely be flown out by a chartered jet to MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX on Wednesday.  I don't have to tell any of you how expensive medical bills are even if you do have insurance.  Please find a way to help out, please pass it on to your friends and ask them to do the same.  We are having an online auction at:

If you don't have anything to donate or if you can't bid on an item please, please just pass the info along to your friends list so that we can get this information to people who can help this young family.  There is also the donate button on this blog for people who would rather contribute cash.  Please pass this ink on to your friends list as well.  If you use Twitter please tweet this info and let's help this family through the worst nightmare most of us could ever imagine.

Thank you,


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