Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Blog From Kambrya!

This year has started off to a twisted start. I have been praying and praying over and over again for my mom in this time. I wrote a report on all different types of Leukemia and that really helped me understand what was going on. This has not been easy for our family but since we know the lord, it gives us strength and courage. I am so glad that the lord put us where he did because i thought  going to school would be hard. But my teacher is a great christian woman that gives me encouraging words when I need them. The school that we are in now is really great because it is just a  group of people that really cares about our family!

This past weekend really took me by surprise! But I still am trying to keep a positive thought no matter what happens! I really hope that my mom is doing the same! As well as everyone else! Thank you all for your support in our family!!!!!

To my mom: Mom I love you so much and please remember that no matter what happens, we will all stand with you and give you strength. The enemy will push us down but we will get right back up and fight! And please don't be worried about us, we will be just fine. It isn't easy for us but it isn't hard either. We have God to help us through it!!! I hope you know that we really miss you and can't wait for you to come home. Please don't ever feel like we don't miss you because that isn't true, and it never will be! The enemy is just trying to make you feel that way. We need you to be here for us as much as you want us to be there for you, and we will, we will always be there for you no matter what! Love, your Kamy :)


  1. No words can express how much this sweet family means. Those 3 precious girls are so strong! This Brought tears to my eyes. Praise God for the love and support that covers this beautiful family. Always in our prayers! Love you Theodore, breezy and girls! Go Team Bri!

  2. What beautiful,smart and loving girls! Your mom is so lucky that you guys are being so brave and I know that she will be SOOO happy to come home to you when she is better! Stay strong!

    Be encouraged Bri and family!! Love you all! Love, Tawnia Marsh and family

  4. With those 3 sweet, beautiful and loving babies Bri WILL get thru this and God will help her on the journey...xoxo

  5. We love you and holy cow how the girls have grown. All beautiful and sweet. Good work Bri!! You got this