Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 22

Bri had a rough day today.  She's usually upbeat and positive but today she was blue.  Everyone is entitled to a blue day, especially when you're fighting a disease called cancer and away from your family.  I called her to check up on her around 11:30am and she said she wasn't feeling well, nauseous, and then she started crying.  Being the mama bear I am, I asked my boss if I could take the afternoon off and left right away.  When I came into her room she was sleeping.  Her nurse said she was glad I came to be with Bri because she was not feeling herself.

When she woke up I asked her what was going on - what was she feeling?  She never cries much, just a few tears but she just wants this to be over with.  I know she'll feel better tomorrow and more like her old self.  Much of it had to do with her not being with the family for Ted's birthday.  It hurts to see her sad and struggling.

Bri was able to wear a hospital mask and we went down to the cafeteria where she got some coffee and then we went and sat outside.  We noticed some hyacinth was coming up in the gardens.  It was great to see a little patch of green amongst the grey twigs of the bushes in that area.  The temperature was in the high 40's but the sun wasn't out, nevertheless she enjoyed getting out and getting some fresh air.

At 4:30pm she got two different chemo drugs.  Hopefully she'll have a good night.

I am so proud of my daughter.  She's been brave, she's been strong and she's coming through this day by day.  I know she is relying on the strength of all of us to get her through this as well as her faith in the Lord.

I made a couple of posters with encouraging Bible verses on them and taped them to her wall.  I wish I could take this cup from her.


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  1. had the privilege of talking to bri on the phone yesterday. We had some tears together. I love you, Bri! We are all so proud of the way you're hanging in there!!! Praying for you. He holds every one of our tears in a bottle, and not ONE of them is wasted! We just had an entire message about that on Sunday. (freshlifechurch-runningwiththehorses)if you care to listen to it, I think you'd be real encouraged! We love you, we love you!
    kristin taylor