Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 2 of Treatment

It's a gorgeous sunny morning here in Denver, Colorado.  The beginning of a new day and day 2 of chemo. Bri will get one drug today and that one will be given to her in her spine.  The nurse assured Bri that they numb the area very well and it won't be painful.  (Except for that first lidocaine shot to numb it, that stings.)  She had a great day yesterday; whether it was all the prayer or the relief of finally getting chemo underway or a combination of both, she had a great day.

Brooke was here and we watched movies, Brooke polished Bri's toenails, (clipped them too!) and we just enjoyed our time together.

The staff here really has been amazing.  For being in such a large hospital, the staff really cares and treats us all so well.  For instance, yesterday morning the CNA assigned to Bri asked if I wanted anything and I asked for some coffee with cream.  (Unlike other hospital wards I've been on you can't just go in the little kitchen and get things yourself like water or coffee, we aren't allowed in there due to germ issues.)  Anyway, this morning that same CNA (I can't remember her name!) popped in and brought me coffee with cream and she isn't even assigned to Bri today.  I was just a little bit blown away by her thoughtfulness and caring.  The staff has been so compassionate, encouraging and caring and it's the little things like the sweet girl bringing me coffee when she didn't have to that make me so grateful to be here and puts me at ease to know that when I'm not here I know my daughter is being well taken care of.

Psalms 118:24 "This is the day the Lord has made we WILL rejoice and be glad in it."



  1. So glad you're been loved...all of you!

  2. Hello Bri, this is Bea from Germany. I hope you don't mind me reading your blog. I am glad that you have wonderful people around you. "Gute Besserung" - Get better soon.
    Auf Wiedersehen :-)
    P.S. Say hello to your mom from me

  3. As I sit in a Dr. Office myself you guys are heavy on my mind. It's a beautiful day down here in California as well. I hope you have some relief today Bri! You ladies are amazing. :-)

  4. Take joy in the small things for as it turns out, those ARE the big things in life!

  5. A good staff goes the extra mile for their patients & families... So good to hear that you have considerate people around you!

  6. Isn't it amazing how wonderful staff can lift everyone's spirits? When you leave, you know Brief is in good hands & will be treated with kindness & respect. If love counts, she is sure to be strong and healthy in record time.

  7. Adequate care, is just that - adequate. Exceptional care elevates the health AND spirit! I'm so thrilled that Bri's in a great facility with personnel who really do CARE for their patients and their families.