Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 9 was a success!
I'll keep this short cause we are exhausted from slaving over a puzzle for HOURS!! Ok.. it was only like 3 hours, but still! :) 

Yesterday Bri got her chemo doses of Daunorubicin and Vincristine and did well with them. She got the ok to get food brought from outside of the hospital, which she hasn't had for over 2 weeks. So I went to Noodles & Co and got her some Japanese Pan Noodles and she couldn't eat it fast enough. Mom came over after work and brought her some rice krispy treats, so we have those stashed in a drawer for "emergencies". haha Bri started feeling a little bit nauseous for the first time through al of this, but mom got her a cold washcloth and she got some medicine and she did just fine. 

Today was a great day! She woke up and ate a good breakfast. She is neutropenic now, meaning her neutra.... something or others are... low.. or something. I can't keep track of what is too high and what is too low, but people have to wear masks and she's on a restricted diet. Her blood work is doing what it's supposed to though. 

She had another dose of chemo today, and this was one of the ones she dreads.. through her spine. When the doctor came in, she said that when they had done the Lumbar Puncture last time, they found what could be a mass of cancer cells in her spinal fluid, which travels to her brain. She said it could also just be some blood that leaked in there, so they ended up having to do another spinal tap and take more spinal fluid to make sure. This time it didn't go as fast as it did the first time. The first time it just dripped out like a faucet, but this time it took about 25 minutes to get the fluid they needed. She handled it like a champ though and we actually had a good chat with the doctor in the meantime. We really like Dr. Green and Bri and I talk about how we're all gonna be BFFs after this is all said and done and we're gonna hang out with Dr. Green cause she's cool. Code of Ethics shmode of shmethics! We're awesome.. she wants to be friends with us... but who wouldn't, really!? ;o) 

Bri took a little nap and I ran home to shower and stuff... when I got back, we had some dinner and put on some music and started a puzzle. She got to FaceTime with the kiddos and Ted and pray with them before they went to bed. She had a great attitude all day and was happy and very positive. It's great to see her like that! I friggin love her so stinkin much!!! :)

She's off from chemo until Tuesday, so she'll have a little break. They may have to do another bone marrow biopsy, just to see if things are doing what they're supposed to, but that's not for sure. So.. on that note.. I'm signing off! Thank you all for all the love and support! We can't tell you how much it's appreciated!!! You all are awesome!!! 


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