Thursday, January 17, 2013

What an awesome day!

I started today off with an entry and it was such a great day that I wanted to end it with an entry.

Bri had her second day of treatment which was a lumbar puncture or spinal tap.  They took out 4 vials of spinal fluid so they could test to see if there were any cancer cells.  I actually watched.  The spinal fluid was clear, looked like water.  I must admit there was a point when I did have to sit down and put my head between my legs so as not to make a fool of myself by fainting.  (I know what you're thinking - Attention Seeker!)  After taking out the spinal fluid they pushed in 6cc's of the chemo over 6 minutes time.  Brooke offered her hand for Bri to hold but Bri ended up squeezing it instead.  I guess it's okay since she was getting a 4 inch needle put in her spine and all.

Bri said the only thing that hurt was the initial lidocaine that stung.  She was brave and day 2 of chemo is behind her.  Thankfully she didn't get a spinal headache.

Bri's pain level is so much lower already.  She's up and walking and sitting in a chair.  It was just a couple of days ago that she had to be under such heavy sedation you could barely have a conversation with her.  I can't begin to tell you how much seeing her improvement these last two day makes my heart soar!  Her Nan came to visit and that was really good for both of them.  It was a day of visitors, laughter and healing.

We're so thankful for the technology that allows her to be able to talk and see her kids each evening over FaceTime.  The girls were bouncing around and telling her they love her and they can't wait to see her tomorrow.  At the end of the conversation Ted encouraged her and said a prayer.

It was a great day.